All Screenshots except where stated are taken from the actual game running under Win98.

Splash Screen

Combat in the dunes, Mission 1

Hunting a Protector One, Mission 1

Combat in the dunes, Mission 1

Early design sketches of Scanner and Cockpit

Homebase, Mission 1

Protecting the Akira, Mission 2

Akira under Fire, Mission 2

Attack on US Base, Mission 3


Mission Briefing
Credits Sequence


Chaos at Enemy Base, Mission 3

Sneaking up on US Camp, Mission 1

Exploding fuel tanks, Mission 2


Boeing Pareils on patrol, Mission 2


Incoming Convoy with Escort, Mission 3

Chasing two S-14 Introspectives, Mission 2

Headlights, Mission 3

Typhoon Class Attack Sub

Schaufelradbagger 288, Mission 1

Deep Sea Encounter, Mission 3

3DStudio-rendered Siemens / MAN / Krupp Schaufelradbagger 288 Model