Eikzilla (Programmer, Designer) www.eik.at
The Brain (Programmer, Genius) gerwin.cjb.net
OpenGL official site www.opengl.org
Computergrafik 2&3 LU University site www.cg.tuwien.ac.at/courses/CG23/LU.html
some neat OpenGL Tutorials nehe.gamedev.net
inspirational source and a good movie: The Abyss http://www.sciflicks.com/the_abyss/pictures.html
Schaufelradbagger-Photos (these were used as a template for designing the 3D Object) http://www.das-fotoarchiv.com/angebote/bagger/
The SDL-Library (Required for running under Linux) http://www.libsdl.org
The FMOD-Library (Required for running under Linux) http://www.fmod.org
Utah Saints official site http://www.utahsaints.com
Chris Huelsbeck's official site http://www.huelsbeck.com

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